Chilkey Paw65 Barebone Edition


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Chilkey Paw65 Keyboard

Feline groovy out of the box! Chilkey Paw65 is a stylish 65% keyboard that comes pre-assembled and ready to use or barebone without switches and keycaps.

This lovable keyboard is the one you will want to own - or it owns you!

Full Keyboard Details

Kit Contents

Kit Contents:

• Tri-mode PCB
• Plate
• Diffusers (Cat Ear and metal rim)
• Wireless receiver
• Daughterboard
• Foam kit
• Batteries
• Stabilizers
• USB-C Coiled cable
• Tools


• Keyboard Layout: 65%
• Case Finish: Electrostatic-coated
• Case Material: Aluminium
• Mounting Style: Gasket Mount
• Plate: Fr4 Plate
• PCB: Tri-mode, 1.2mm thickness, with Ai03 daughterboard
• Stabilizer: Plate mount stabilizer
• Connection Method: Tri-mode (Wired & • Bluetooth 5.0 & 2.4G)
• System Supported: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
• Bluetooth Version: 5.0
• Bluetooth Support: Can be paired up to 3 devices
• Independent Driver Support: Yes
• Battery Capacity: 2250mAh*2

Paw65 Colorway-unique Keycaps

The Purple Unicorn keycaps set is Cherry profile PBT keycaps, while the Blush Pink and Wild Rose keycap set is DDA profile - A round-shaped with larger contact surface area made with PC + ABS material.

Assembled Edition only.

Paw65 Assembled Edition Exclusive Switches

with light diffuser - only for assembled edition

Other Notable Features


Diffuser Types

Up to 3 devices

Bluetooth Connectivity

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