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Chilkey Paw65 Keyboard

Feline groovy out of the box! Chilkey Paw65 is a stylish 65% keyboard that comes pre-assembled and ready to use or barebone without switches and keycaps.

This lovable keyboard is the one you will want to own - or it owns you!

Full Keyboard Details

Kit Contents

Kit Contents:

• Tri-mode PCB
• Plate
• Diffusers (Cat Ear and metal rim)
• Wireless receiver
• Daughterboard
• Foam kit
• Batteries
• Stabilizers
• Keycaps set (matching case color)
• Switches
• USB-C Coiled cable
• Tools


• Keyboard Layout: 65%
• Case Finish: Electrostatic-coated
• Case Material: Aluminium
• Mounting Style: Gasket Mount
• Plate: Fr4 Plate
• PCB: Tri-mode, 1.2mm thickness, with Ai03 daughterboard
• Stabilizer: Plate mount stabilizer
• Connection Method: Tri-mode (Wired & Bluetooth 5.0 & 2.4G)
• System Supported: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
• Bluetooth Version: 5.0
• Bluetooth Support: Can be paired up to 3 devices
• Independent Driver Support: Yes
• Battery Capacity: 2250mAh*2
• Keycap Profile: Purple Unicorn: Cherry, Blush Pink: DDA, Wild Rose: DDA

• Pink Lotus Switches specification:
• Total Travel: 3.50+0.3mm
• Pre-Travel: 2.00+0.5mm
• Operating Force: 50+5gf
• Actuation Force: 35gf Min
• Bottom Out Force: 60gf Max
• Spring: 18mm/Double Stage
• Lubrication Status: Factory lubed
• Top Housing Material: POM/Pink
• Bottom Housing Material: POM/Pink
• Stem Material: UPE/White
• Light Diffuser Material: PMMA/foggy/honeycomb

• Sprout Green Switches specification:
• Total Travel: 3.50+0.3mm
• Pre-Travel: 2.00+0.5mm
• Operating Force: 37+5gf
• Actuation Force: 35gf Min
• Bottom Out Force: 45gf Max
• Spring: 22mm/Double Stage
• Lubrication status: Factory lubed
• Top Housing Material: POM/Fluorescent green
• Bottom Housing Material: POM/Fluorescent green
• Stem Material: UPE/Light pink
• Light Diffuser Material: PMMA/foggy/honeycomb

Paw65 Colorway-unique Keycaps

The Purple Unicorn keycaps set is Cherry profile PBT keycaps, while the Blush Pink and Wild Rose keycap set is DDA profile - A round-shaped with larger contact surface area made with PC + ABS material.

Assembled Edition only.

Paw65 Assembled Edition Exclusive Switches

with light diffuser - only for assembled edition

Other Notable Features

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Customer Reviews

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I love this keyboard, the sound is amazing


One if the best prebuild keyboard I've tried. The tactile switches were a pleasant surprise too I had fun typing on it the cat ear RGB were a fun cosmetic addition too. Nothing bas to say about it. Maybe the keycaps weren't the best but I enjoyed them.

Albert Robeck

This is a good board for the price, I purchased the red with sprout green tactile switches. The board came labeled tactile but contained the linears, (manufacturer Q.C. issue) Cannon Keys offered to replace it but I'm quite happy with with the sound and feel