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Meletrix Zoom65 V2 x Yamanote Line

Introducing the Meletrix Zoom65 V2 x Yamanote Line
- a limited editon Zoom65 V2 Collaboration. This keyboard will be limited to 125 units at Cannonkeys and 500 units worldwide!

The Zoom65 V2 is a gasket mounted 65% keyboard with a knob, and the matching keycaps being offered are all sides dyesub PBT.

This project is expected to ship to us in November via Air Express and arrive later in the month or December 2023.

Full Keyboard Details

Kit Contents
  • Anodized silver aluminum top and bottom case
  • Customized theme backplate (A separate piece of the backplate on the back of keyboard)
  • Hotswap, multi-layout Bluetooth / VIA PCB with per-key RGB
  • Daughterboard and JST cable
  • PVD silver knob
  • PC Plate
  • Gasket sleeves
  • Set of WS stabilizers
  • Li-ion battery
  • Coiled USB-C cable
  • Poron dampener kit
  • Silicone keyboard feet
  • Screws, hardware, and other installment accessories
  • Storage case
  • 66 Key layout
  • Screen printing and UV printing on the glass backplate
  • PVD Silver knob
  • 6.5° typing angle
  • 5x2U + 1x6.25U stabilizer set
  • Gasket mount
  • 1.2mm thick PCB
  • VIA Support
  • Battery capacity of 2250mAh
  • Front height of 20.8mm
  • Black storage case

The metal commemorative card will be presented as a bonus for purchasing keycaps after the MOQ is reached.

WS Yamanote Line Keycaps

This all-side dyesub PBT Cherry profile keycap set is loosely based on the renowned silver-green colored E235 tram in Tokyo, Japan - also named after the renowned tram loop service: Yamanote Line (山手線).


900x400 mm (Dai ni Nakazato Level Crossing and Operator Nana) and 700x300 mm (Lagtrain)

4mm thickness, waterproof material.

900mm x 400mm

Dai ni Nakazato Level Crossing Deskmat

900mm x 400mm

Operator Nana Deskmat

700mm x 300mm

Lagtrain Deskmat

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