COVID-19 Update

There are some steps that we're taking at CannonKeys to practice safe social distancing and do our part to beat this pandemic. You'll notice that Group Buy fulfillment will take longer. Typically, we have a team who comes in and helps with fulfillment -- but in order to maintain social distance, we'll be operating with significantly reduced capacity. 

As such, you will notice Group Buy items shipping a bit slower than usual. While we typically like to ship everything out in a Group Buy over 1-2 days, we'll be spreading the shipments out over a longer period of time in order to ensure our quality bar is met and orders are sent out accurately. We will get them out as fast and safely as possible - please bear with us!

On another note - we've been increasingly relying on USPS pickups in order to limit trips to the Post Office, again to maintain social distance. Sometimes, our postman won't be able to do pickups - in stock orders might see processing times longer than the typical 2-3 days due to this.

This is a very novel situation we're dealing with, and we're trying to do our part to flatten the curve and stay safe!

The CannonKeys Team