Gateron Baby Kangaroo Tactile Switch



Gateron Baby Kangaroo Tactile Switch

The Baby Kangaroo Switch is the newest tactile addition from Gateron! This switch is RGB-friendly, featuring a transparent top housing to go along with a bright green stem. Comes pre-lubed with a gold-plated two-staged spring for an awesome tactile experience straight out of the package!

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• Switch Type - Tactile
• Manufacturer - Gateron
• Top Housing Material - Polycarbonate
• Bottom Housing Material - Nylon PA66
• Stem Material - POM
• Spring Weight - 59±8g operating force
• Mounting Pins - 5-pin
• Factory Lube - Light

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

One of the best tactile switches!

The very definition of "marbly"

I love these switches. I have them in a Keychron V1 and I just put them in my Neo 65. They feel and sound beautiful in the V1, though they are a little loud in the Neo but that is likely the FR4 plate at work. My favorite tactile and it's not even close.


First tactiles and i love them, cant wait to put them in my neo70 that i ordered too.

Roger C
Crisp, precise tactile switch, very consistent

So full disclaimer I have these on a pre-built board called the Halo65 by NuPhy. There's lots of good stuff about this board, but I've taken the time to put these switches into different boards and always had the same similar typing experience - it's a very crisp switch. Rebound and feedback is good, so great for typists like me who are more heavy handed and maybe not the most accurate, so it helps with that accuracy. The sound is also crisp, it's not muddy, and there's a decent level of clack. Some people have reported ping - I've not encountered this so it's possible either my ears aren't attuned, or my batch have a decent amount of lube on them.


They're great RGB eligible switches I'd give them a solid 8/10 worth checking out