CK x Haimu Pastel Mint Tactile Switch



CK x Haimu Pastel Mint Tactile Switch

The Mint Tactile is part of our new Pastel Series with Haimu!

The CK x Haimu Pastel Mint Tactile Switch is extremely tactile, but in a different way than some of our other offerings like Neapolitans and Anubis. There is hardly any pre-travel, a little bit of post travel, and a highly tactile bump (yes, even higher than the above switches!). This switch features a PC top, POM-UPE Bottom, and a 63.5g 22mm double-stage spring. Sound wise, we feel these are slightly muted and on the lower end of the pitch spectrum.

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• Switch Type - Tactile
• Manufacturer - Haimu
• Top Housing Material - PC
• Bottom Housing Material - POM + UPE
• Stem Material - POM
• Spring Weight - 63.5g double stage 22mm spring
• Mounting Pins - 5-pin
• Factory Lube - Yes

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Our CK Switch films come in both Poron and PC and help reduce wobble and slightly change the sound of your switch!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Got these and the turbulence R1 extra's along with KTT monochrome onyx, Polaris purple's, kiwi's, polia's, Corsa's, T1's, and ALL of the heavier akko tactile's. So I have a bit of a tactile connection!

These are the MOST tactile stock and the factory lubricant is the best I've seen. Seriously, it makes switches that cost $.65+ look pathetic!
They are on the clacky side like the onyx's but less harsh thanks to the factory lubricant.

For $.35 if you don't need RGB and want a super smooth but almost too tactile switch.....these are the switches you're looking for!
If you're on a budget or just want a ready to put in a board switch. I can't find anything that's close in tactility that's this smooth with some serious time investment into lubing and filming!

Jaysung Ser
Great after modding

Inconsistent factory lube on the stem; the spring seems unlubed.
What ultimately matters to me is the switch after lubing + filming. Simply put, it sounds & feels great!

We appreciate the thorough review of both your 'before' and 'after' experience with these switches. These are great switches to mod and we're happy you're enjoying them!


Great tactile switch, especially for the price. Note! You can wiggle the top and bottom housings, so to me these require foam/film. No problem, I planned on opening them.

Cameron Madden
Please read!

These are great. I'll leave it there, The PSA is that you'll want to order switch films. These can wiggle quite a bit between top and bottom housing. Rails seem well lubed, springs unlubed.

Keith Shillingburg
Great hyper-tactile

One of my favorite tactiles. Early, very sharp bump. Minimal scratchiness. Sound is middle toned. not quite thock, and not quite clack. My only complaint is stem wobble. The clearance could be a little tighter. All in all, a great switch at a great price.