Sunny Side Up Linear Switch


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Sunny Side Up Linear Switch

The Sunny Side Up Linear Switch is a new switch from Tecsee! This switch features HPE housing to go along with a yolk colored stem. These materials are paired with a 63.5g two-stage spring for a desirable linear experience!


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• Switch Type - Linear
• Manufacturer - Tecsee
• Top Housing Material - HPE
• Bottom Housing Material - HPE
• Stem Material - POM
• Spring Weight - 63.5g two-stage
• Mounting Pins - 5-pin
• Factory Lube - No

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Customer Reviews

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Kevin Davis
They're perfect

The feel and sound of these are almost second to none when it comes to linears. They sound great out of the box, but they're even better with a lube and film job. I put them in my new Mode Envoy and I greatly prefer these switches to Alpacas, Tangerines, and Akko POM Silvers in the same board. I'll report back in a few months after some wear and tear with breaking them in to see if I still feel the same - all signs as of now are pointing to yes. Definitely give these a try!

Amazing Linear and perfect thock

I took a chance on sunny side up switch based on other reviews. I lube each switch and love the “thock” sound and the switch feels buttery smooth on the bakenako 65.


I don't know why no one is talking about these things, they are amazing. Really good out of the bag as well.

Definity exceed my expectations

This is a fantastic and deep sounding switch right out of the bag. I am currently typing on them unlubed in order to get a real feel for them before I tune them in. Super happy with the smoothness and deeper sound stock. I can only imagine them being even creamier once they have them lubed up. I'll have to report back once I do so. I have only had a handful of differing switches so far but these are definitely the smoothest and best sounding I have had yet! If you are on the fence, give them a try.

Not sure what I was expecting, but these are great!

Some time ago, I had heard about the "Kailh Fried Egg" Silent Linear switch and was amused by the fact that it literally looked like a fried egg. I showed it to my friend, and then a few days later, this switch came out on CannonKeys, and I was dumbfounded. "Another egg switch? That's sick!" Having never tried Tecsee switches and seeing literally no reviews for this, I was hesitant, but I bought a pack of 90, because I was just so entertained by the fact that they were egg-themed.

Trying them out stock, I wasn't disappointed but I wasn't impressed. I have Gateron Yellow KS-9 Pros and Gateron Ink Black V2s to compare them to, and stock comparisons to both of those I'm getting similar amounts of smoothness with a clack sound that leans more towards the Yellow.
Then, I lubed them with 205g0 and filmed them with CannonKeys' 0.3mm films, and I was blown away. Some part of me believes it's because it's a fresh lube job and the lube in my Yellows and Ink Blacks have had time to settle, but they were easily the smoothest switch of the bunch. And not only that, they were actually the *deepest* sounding switch of the bunch now, beating out the Ink Blacks. Yet again, dumbfounded. Some part of this HPE housing blend and the 2-stage spring makes it feel somehow heavier than my Ink Black and deeper than the Ink Black.

Overall, I would absolutely recommend these switches to someone looking for a nice mid/high-range (0.60/switch) linear switch. Bonus points if you also like the egg theme!

Video is on a KBD67 V3 Aluminum, PC plate, PE foam modded. 3 and 4 are Glorious Pandas L+F with Tribosys 3204/Deskeys, 5 and 6 are Ink Black V2 L+F with Krytox 205g0/Deskeys, 7 and 8 are Sunny Side Ups L+F with Krytox 205g0/CannonKeys. If you think I'm applying different pressure between those keys, I'm literally not: that's actually how they sound. YouTube video placeholder