Gateron Black Ink Linear Switch



Gateron Black Ink Linear Switch

Beloved for their deep sound profile and all black housing, Gat Black Inks are a staple in the switch world. They feature a translucent black housing, black stem, and a 70g bottom out.

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• Switch Type - Linear
• Manufacturer - Gateron
• Top Housing Material - Proprietary Ink
• Bottom Housing Material - Proprietary Ink
• Stem Material - POM
• Spring Weight - 60g actuation, 70g bottom out
• Mounting Pins - 5-pin
• Factory Lube - None

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great Switches

I've tried these in a couple of boards that I have and so far they haven't found a home yet but I know that one day they will. These switches are great if you like heavier, deep sounding switches. Not as deep as the FLCMMK Ice Mints but they have more of a pop. I would recommend lubing these switches as they are not that great stock but, to me at least, filming is optional. I did not notice much of a difference after filming. I'm assuming that they are V2 but I wish that CK would put that in the description just to be sure.

The hype is justified.

I was worried about these being overhyped because everybody speaks so highly of them, but after lube and film, the hype definitely holds up. These are flippin' AMAZING after you put some work into it. It's like typing on clouds with such a pleasing deep sound.

Disclaimer: These are not good in stock form. I repeat, if you're not going to L&F, don't buy these.

Cameron Davis
One of the BEST Linear Switches around!!!

I absolutely love my Black Ink's!! I find myself always coming back to my boards that have the black inks. Not only is the sound profile fantastic, but also has a very satisfyingly smooth feel. I highly recommend trying out some Black Ink's you won't be disappointed!

Pretty good, but could be better

I found the batch of Inks i received to have a bit of leaf tick that was pretty hard to get rid of. Other than that, pretty smooth out of the box and took well to lube and films.