Stacked75 Keyboard Kit




The Stacked75 keyboard kit in our Stacked Series of in stock keyboards. Using layers of acrylic, these keyboards offer both a unique sound profile and aesthetic in a fun to build package!

Just add switches, stabilizers, and keycaps for a complete build! Our Build Guide will help you build this kit from start to finish.


• 7 Layer Acrylic Keyboard Case
• 4 Layers Acrylic Keyboard Feet
• Clear bottom layer
• Clear feet layers
• 1.6mm FR4 plate
• M2x15 Brass Standoff x 8
• M2x6 Brass Standoff x 4
• M2x6 Stainless Hex Screw x 24
• 1 Obliterated75 solderable PCB

What you need to complete your build

  • 80-83 Switches depending on layout
  • 3x2u + 1x7u or 1x6.25u stabilizers
  • Compatible Keycaps

Layout Support

PCB Support

Plate Support

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Colin H.
Great to Practice Soldering & to Experience 75%

I purchased the kit almost two years ago now, and I still think it will be the only 75% I ever have to own. The nav cluster isn't exploded, so the bottom row looks extremely satisfying. Has a F13 key for the artisan enthusiasts as well as eight total nav keys. Also, the bezels are tall enough to fully hide the bottom's of keycaps. The FR4 plate can be cut to a half-plate for reduced stiffness.

My one small nitpick is that the kit doesn't include any kind of adhesive feet to protect the acrylic from hard surfaces (or to protect desk mats from the acrylic). Also, I spent $4 buying color-matched screws for the case which I feel could have been done with the kit.

Great entry level keyboard

Keyboard was easy to build. A bit hard to remove the plastic stickers though, I've used the allen wrench provided to lift up the stickers.

Overall, great entry level keyboard. I've put gateron reds on them. Doesn't sound too bad at stock. I'd advise to use mill-max sockets so you can hotswap switches and put foam in it if you want to change its sound profile or change switches later. It's clacky at stock but if you buy some modular foams and switch pads, you can make it a bit thocky, which I did.

Very light and simple keyboard and is my daily driver at work.

I got both black and white but the white one really looks clean and looks nicw with a lot of keycap sets.