Practice 65 v2 Keyboard Kit



Practice65 v2

The Practice65 v2 keyboard kit is in our beginner friendly Practice Series of in stock keyboards. The focus of this series is to provide a fun building experience that helps teach soldering in a tight budget. The best part about this series is not only does it help teach, but at the end you are left with a fully functional keyboard.

Just add keycaps, stabilizers, and switches for a complete build!

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Customer Reviews

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Perfect for first solder keyboard!

This keyboard is perfect for beginning and it was my first solder job!

Great beginner soldered board

I decided to pick this up due since I have no experience in soldering whatsoever and this was a great purchase for that. It does its job with no flaws. While it's not meant to be a daily use board I use it as a switch tester and at the same time, I get some practice at soldering. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to learn to solder keyboards and could transfer into other hobbies as well.

That's great you were able to get some soldering practice on this board! Hope you enjoy your 65% switch tester!