CannonKeys Switch Pads



Three materials offered to change the sound of your keyboard!

We're happy to bring you CannonKeys Switch Pads! These are used to modify the sound of typing on your keyboard. Each pad is designed to fit perfectly on top of a switch cutout on a PCB.

When you install your switches, they will hit the pad instead of the PCB, providing a muted sound and reducing vibrations . Each material (Poron, PE, and EVA) will have a different acoustic impact on the sound of your keyboard!

  • 120 ct per pack
  • Easy to install - Simply peel each pad from the backing and adhere directly onto the PCB!
  • Size
    • 15.4mm x 14.5mm
    • 0.5mm thickness
  • Compatibility
    • Solder and Hotswap PCBs
    • 3-pin and 5-pin switches
    • Cutout for LED
  • Material - Each material provides a different type of sound modification
    • PORON
    • PE
    • EVA