CannonKeys Keycap Trays



Display and store your keycaps with CannonKeys Keycap Trays!

We're happy to bring you CannonKeys Keycap Trays! Made of frosted polycarbonate plastic to easily show off and store your keycaps. They are also stackable with magnetic closure, making them convenient for storage. Compatible with a wide variety of keycap profiles!

Some of our NicePBT and CannonCaps keycap sets may require more than two trays.

  • 2 ct per box
  • Size: 31.5cm x 16cm x 2cm
  • Material: Frosted polycarbonate plastic
  • Magnetic closure
  • One tray fits up to 129 1u cherry-profile keys and 1 ISO enter
  • Compatible with Cherry (including R0), CXA, OEM, KAT, DSA, SA R3 uniform, and more
    • Not compatible with MT3 or SA due to keycap height
  • Stackable

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Good, but not KAT compatible

      These are a great option for keycap storage. Unfortunately, R1 KAT is too tall and prevents the trays from closing. I was glad to find a tray with a shorter interior height than the medium JTK max option, but it seems for now that remains the only choice.

      These are nice otherwise, and will be put to use with DCS so not a huge deal, but unless I’m somehow mistaken the specs above should be updated to reflect this compatibility issue.


      The trays do not bend easily, they do the job.