Hey everyone,

It turns out that shipping from China is quite delayed nowadays, due to the whole COVID-19 situation. It doesn't look like our plates for the Savage65 will make it here quite in time for our full restock in April.

But - we want to keep our word. We're going to be restocking Savage65 on April 30th at 11AM EST in a limited capacity! 

How will this work?

Since plates are currently our limiting factor, we'll be selling Savage65s with a single plate. This will help the plates we currently have go further. In exchange for only getting one plate, they'll be sold for $260. This is the same as the Round 1 price, despite the new tariffs that have been put into place.

We'll put up a Savage65 "earlybird" product page, where you can buy a Savage65 with either a 6.25U plate or 7U plate. It'll show up on the front page of our site.

After purchasing one of those items, you'll receive a form with a field for you to pick your color - either Black, Green, Japan Blue, or Light Rose Gold.

If your choice runs out, don't worry! We have way more Savage65s coming - and those will come with both plates. About a week or two from now, more Savage65s in these colors will come back in stock. At the end of May, we expect to get more units in Black, Navy, Dark Rose Gold, and Dark Grey.

TL;DR - Cheaper, single plate Savages will go live April 30th at 11 AM EST. Very limited units. More restocks to follow, so don't be sad if you miss out.


Andrew from CannonKeys

April 26, 2020 — Andrew Kannan