[Reference] J-02 Keyboard Extras

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This is a reference page for the J-02 Keyboard Extras that will go live at 11AM ET on December 3rd. Please read all the details here ahead of time. The release will go live on our custom checkout site when the release time is live. For more details on our checkout system, please read this blog post and the guide.

Jae from TopClack and proto[Typist] brings you the next board in his J-series, the J-02!

Note: These are extras from the refinished Grey versions of the J-02. Information regarding the difference is available at the top of the GeekHack thread.


  • Full isolation gasket mount
  • USB-C via a daughterboard
  • Custom 60% PCB with JST breakout and ISO/ANSI support
  • Fixed carbon fiber plate (ANSI)
  • Signature pen rail
  • Thick brass middle and pen rail, for weight and aesthetics
  • Top and bottom material: anodized aluminum
  • Available in WKL, WK, and HHKB
  • 7 degree typing angle

Each Standard Edition kit includes:

  • Dark Grey top + bottom case with brass accents
  • WKL, HHKB, or WK options
  • Brass middle weight
  • Brass pen rail
  • 12 magnets
  • Hardware & bumpons
  • Triple layer gasket
  • PCB (QMK compatible)
  • Daughterboard / cable
  • ANSI carbon fiber plate (fixed Tsangan bottom row)
  • Travel case


    Fixed ANSI:

    Fixed ISO:

    PCB Support:


    B Stock units have minor defects ranging from small dents, scratches, and anodization blemishes. Units below B grade are not for sale.