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This is the listing for the GMK Yuru Extras. All sales of this keyset are final.

Inspired by Rin's scarf from Yuru Camp, this keyset brings the heartfelt joys and experiences of outdoor camping through rich vibrant colours and cute encapsulating novelties!

Agilr is back with a new set for us, this time, inspired by a scarf from the anime Yuru Camp!

For GMK Yuru we're offering not one, but two different base kits. One features the traditional latin alphas, and the other has Hiragana sublegends! You can have your pick and not have to pay extra for alpha keycaps you might not use. We also have everyone's favorite - an Emote ( (≧◡≦) ) Kit!

We're also offering a RAMA Cap color matched to the GMK Yuru mods featuring a white enamel filled puppy!

Due to the limited nature of these extras, all sales are final.