GMK WoB/BoW Icon Extension Kit Extra

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A great pair for your WoB set or BoW set!

From the mind of Emir (Designer of GMK Nines) comes this wonderful WoB/BoW Icon Extension kit.  Many White on Black or Black on White sets currently available come with the traditional GMK Icon + Text mods. For a more modern, clean look, we're making this extension kit available! 

The colors used are the stock CR and WS1. This pairs with the available White on Black sets (Drop,, as well as GMK Minimal.

Both WoB and BoW keys are included in this kit, so you can use them as accents

Note: There have been reports of questionable quality in this kit. We sell these as-is as received from GMK. GMK may try to rectify this or not, we do not know yet - so far we've just passed on reports to GMK. By purchasing this, you acknowledge this fact.