[Extras] Geekark PBT Lancelot

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This is the listing for the Geekark PBT Lancelot in stock extras. All sales of this keyset are final.

A new Cherry profile PBT set from manufacturer Geekark! Lancelot is here in two variants.

We've partnered with Wuque Studio and their design partner Hongoo to bring you PBT Lancelot. It's available in two variants - Sin and Frontier - each with it's own unique colorway.

This also marks our first time working with manufacturer Geekark. They're known for making the MT3 PBT keycaps you might have seen - and have been making keycaps for over 10 years! 

These keycaps will be dye sublimated. The Sin set as well as the White Spacebar and Yellow Spacebar kits will be dye sublimated.

The Frontier and Pink Spacebar kits will be five-side dye sublimated. This is why they're a bit more expensive!

The base kit supports a number of layouts - and we're also offering child kits to support even more, and novelty kits to decorate your board!