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KAT Lucky Jade is here, inspired by Chinese culture, this set features two lovely jade shades of green and white accents. This is the first set to feature Cangjie alphas!

Hisui is back with another set on CannonKeys, here is what she has to say about it:

"I absolutely love jade sculptures and carvings. The colors chosen are what I thought best represented the Imperial and White Jade. In China, its considered lucky to have or carry with you. They even buried royal members in suits made of Jade. I wanted to show that with the novelties as they are based on some popular symbols of luck including the Chinese word for luck. This set is a little more personal for me as I've always been in love with Jade since childhood being I was named after it. After I was adopted by my Chinese parents I've also grown even more fond of Chinese culture and want to continue learning from them. I'm hoping to show that appreciation with this set."

We're also happy to feature a new RAMA Cap in KAT profile!

Don't forget to pick up the matching Lucky Jade Deskmat as well!