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A premium 5x12 Ortholinear Keyboard. Nasp, the designer of the ATLAS keyboard thought there was a real need in the community for a mid to high-end custom 5x12 ortho, so after following some Fusion360 tutorials, he decided on make his own. The design has been reviewed and modified by CannonKeys to ensure a successful group buy!



  • 5x12 ortho custom (Preonic layout)
  • Brass Pen Rail
  • 2 degree angle (mostly so the pen rail is functional)
  • top mount with no seams - the bottom plate covers most of the bottom so you can slide the plate and PCB up into the board (like the Neuron)
  • bottom plate also curves up into the back (similar to Keycult No. 2 rev.1 TKL)
  • LEDs diffusers on front and sides for LED underglow
  • 21 RGB LEDs
  • Open Source Hotswap PCB (Will be opened sourced after Group Buy)
  • Weight about 2.3lbs unbuilt (without keycaps, PCB, or switches)

Each Atlas purchase will include:

  • Atlas Keyboard Case Aluminum Top + Brass Bottom
  • Acrylic Diffusers
  • Brass Plate
  • Brass Pen Rail
  • Atlas Hotswap PCB + Daughterboard + JST Cable
  • Bumpons
  • Carrying Case


  • Dark Grey
  • Navy Blue
  • E White

Layout support:
5x12 Ortho, 2U space, Full Grid, and 2x2U



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