Switch Sample Packs



Switch Sample Packs

Have you been wanting to try out some new switches? Switch Sample Packs are now available for our light linear, heavy linear, and tactile switch offerings. Each pack will come with one of each switch listed in the table below. The light linear pack contains switches ranging from 37g-62g. The heavy linear pack contains switches ranging from 63g-78g. The tactile switch pack contains switches ranging from 42g-68g.

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super helpful & fun to try out

Thank you CannonKeys for offering these switch sampler packs at a reasonable pricing. Wish other vendors had these. As someone relatively new to the hobby, I was having a pretty hard time selecting switches and these were so useful in helping narrow down what I might like. It's also really fun to be able to try out a bunch of different switches. I bought two packs of the heavy linears and two packs of the tactiles since it's hard to tell with only a single switch. I've only tried the heavy linear pack so far, and had absolutely no idea I would LOVE a super heavy spring (Seal switch @ 78g). Other standouts are the Haimu Heartbeat (good feeling silent linear) and the Ultramarine/Mauve/Lavender (similar JWKs but all ultra smooth). The Cap Golden Yellow has a wonderful deep, full, marble-y sound when normally I prefer silent or quiet switches. Looking forward to trying out the tactile pack!

Antony Lamangan

Switch Sample Packs

Javier I.G.
Fantastic Way to Enter the Keyboard Hobby!

Let me start off saying that I do not know anything about keyboards, so I kind of went in blind in what board, caps, switches, etc... I wanted to go with for my very first keyboard.

Long story short, I was blessed to find that there was a sample pack for switches that I took a liking to from other people saying that they were fantastic, so I had to give it a shot. Needless to say, I have made my decision, and found that most of these switches in the Heavy Linear set were divine and a joy to install and test out on my current pre-built keyboard. The Oil Kings were to die for with how smooth they felt when pressed down, and the Haimu Heartbeats were quite honestly the best feeling switches I have ever got my hands on and I am grateful that sample packs like these exist, for the blind and beginners. These are a fantastic way to make a judgement call without spending a large sum on switches that you may not like, in place of a lot of switches that maybe multiple will suit your needs.

CannonKeys is awesome!

A good idea.

Just getting into keyboards and was recommended to pick up an appetizer sampler of switches to get a feel for what's out there. It's nice to know what you like and don't like.

Great Idea and Helpful in the Long Term

I got the tactile set. Allows you to make smart monetary decisions for your switches and try switches you never would have considered. I got this as I wanted to try the Anubis, Chocolate Chip, Dark Amber, and Neapolitan switches. Tried them on my Keychron q10 (w/akko lavenders) and my moded RK100 (w/ gateron browns the originals on my Keychron q10). I ended up really liking the Gateron Baby Kangaroos, Anubis, Chocolate Chip (once I lubed), and Taro Ball--in that order. I never would have considered the macaws at all, but really really liked them if I was in an office around other people.

On my Keychron it showed me that my Akko Lavenders are great and the other switches sounded and felt more or less the same-Anubis or maybe Chocolate Chips would be an upgrade but not much. So sticking with lavenders

However, I felt significantly more auditory and tactile variety on my RK100. Choosing between GBK and Anubis is a sound (GBK-the sound is just amazing) vs tactile feel (Anubis-its tactility is 10/10, Chocolate Chip 8/10, and Taro Ball 7/10--in that order) is showing to be really tough.

I feel like Mozart in the scene of Amadeus where he is trying on wigs and likes them all, and wishes he had three heads so he can wear them all.

My wife's choices: GBK, Neapolitan, Chocolate Chips and really liked silents: Macaw and Whisper. Her home keyboard is tactile and work keyboard is linear. Debating on Whisper for work and Neapolitan for home.