[Ikki68 Extras] Extra PCBs

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These PCBs will work with any Ikki68 x Aurora Keyboard.

They are available in 4 variants, detailed below:

Fairbanks Yellowknife Lapland Tromso
Connectivity Wired Wired Wired Wired & Bluetooth
Switch Mount Hot-swap Soldered Soldered Hot-swap
Firmware QMK / VIA QMK / VIA QMK / VIA
Custom Firmware & Software
Underglow RGB Lighting
Per-key RGB lighting
PCB-mount stabilizer support
Stepped Caps Lock support
ISO Enter support
Split Spacebar support
Split Backspace support

Split Left Shift support

Split Right Shift support

NOTE: Batteries are NOT included with the Tromso PCB. A standard sized, widely available LiPo battery is required if you purchase a wireless PCB to use wirelessly.