Practice 65 v2 Keyboard Kit

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Practice65 v2

Learn to solder and build a custom keyboard on a budget

The Practice65 v2 is a keyboard kit that contains almost everything you need to build your own keyboard from scratch - just add switches, stabilizers, and keycaps, and you'll be good to go! It's meant to be a great starting point for beginners - this time in a 65% layout!

The Practice65 v2 is powered by an STM32 onboard MCU running QMK with VIA compatibility out of the box. The PCB included supports RGB underglow and per-key single color LED backlighting with south facing LEDs, but you'll have to provide your own WS2812B strip or LEDs to enable them.

    What's included

    • 1 Savage65 solderable PCB
    • 1 Practice65 FR4 plate
    • 1 Practice65 FR4 bottom
    • 12 M3 screws, 6 12mm M3 standoffs

    You will need a soldering iron, solder, and M2.5 Hex Head Screwdriver to assemble this kit.

    You will also need to purchase

      • Switches
        • Up to 68 switches
      • Keycaps
        • Be sure to purchase a keycap set with a 1.75U Right Shift Key
      • Stabilizers - up to 3x2U and a 6.25U or 7U
        • Left Shift, Enter, and Backspace all need a 2U stabilizer.
        • The spacebar will need a 6.25U or 7U stabilizer depending on your selected layout

      Addons Available