[Ikki68] OA Stabilizers

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These are OA Stabilizers recolored, to match with the Ikki68 Aurora!

These are PCB mount, screw in stabilizers, and were designed to minimize the rattle as much as possible. The wires clip into the housing and fit into the sliders very snugly. As a result the wires are also less prone to popping out when changing keycaps.

Available in 4 packs:

  • 4 x 2U Stabilizers + 1 x 6.25 Stabilizer
  • 7 x 2U Stabilizers + 1 x 6.25 Stabilizer
  • 1 x 2U Stabilizer only
  • 1 x 7U Stabilizer only


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Estimated Date of Delivery: August 2021

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