[GB] Wuque Studio Original Aspiration (OA) Switch

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The OA Switch from Wuque Studio is a new linear switch manufactured by JWK.

Please note: 1 quantity = 110 switches

Unlimited group buy ends on Friday, October 9th at 4PM PST.

ETA: December 2020

Note: Wuque Studio is giving away 3 Ikki68 Aurora keyboards in celebration of the OA switch launch. If you purchase OA switches from any of the vendors make sure to enter the giveaway here. No purchase necessary.


  • JWK manufactured Linear
  • 67g gold plated spring
  • Polycarbonate top housing
  • UHMWPE bottom housing
  • POM stem
  • 5 pin PCB mount
  • No factory lube

Regional Proxies:

  • US: Cannon Keys
  • Aus: Daily Clack
  • EU: CandyKeys
  • Canada: Mech.Land
  • Japan: Yushakobo
  • South Korea: Monstargear
  • Vietnam: TaoBaoSop

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