Neapolitan Ice Cream Tactile Switch



Neapolitan Ice Cream Tactile Switch

The Neapolitan switch was crafted with our own custom bottom housing mold to mimic the feel of a Zyko switch - a popular Frankenstein switch made from a Zealio v2 bottom, panda top, and halo stem.

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• Switch Type - Tactile
• Manufacturer - Tecsee
• Top Housing Material - Polycarbonate
• Bottom Housing Material - Polycarbonate
• Stem Material - POM
• Spring Weight - 63.5g two-stage
• Mounting Pins - 5-pin
• Factory Lube - Light

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Tactile for days

amazing tactile feel and they sound amazing after lubing

The perfect blend.

I thought Boba u4t was going to be my endgame, but I kept coming back to this switch. It sounds good on basically every keyboard I've put it on, and now I'm thinking of getting another set. I never tried a Zykos, but now it's got me curious. Until then, this will be my favorite switch.

Strong tactile bump with long pole stem!

Really enjoy using these switches as it has a two-stage spring, which makes it return very quickly! Highly recommend lubing also as it's quite scratchy stock.

We love the tactile bump on these! The two stage springs really bring these to life. Enjoy the switches!

Favorite Switches So Far

These have been my favorite switches thus far. Recently got into the hobby this year and went HAM on testing switches. I really love the strong bump and thock at press down and the poppy force the switches spring back up. Perfect combo to me and exactly the feel + sound I've been looking for. Lubed Neapolitans are currently on my go-to everyday keyboard. I have another set of Neapolitans lubed and ready for another upcoming keyboard.

I think the only potential draw to these switches is that they are on the louder side.

You are not the only one that loves these switches! We are happy that you enjoy the sound and intensity of the bump!

Lorenzo Mercado
You wanted tactile!

I have these on a Smallice by Keyhive and they are the most tactile switch I've ever typed on. A Very strong big bump but once over it, you know it. Expect a loud clack with these as well because of the force to overcome that bump. If you wanted a smoother, gentle tactile switch, look at something else but what fun is that?